Nutrimix Breakfast

We know all the precious qualities of almonds and raisins, which make up this mix: the two novelties are the Pecan quality nuts and the blown wholemeal spelled.


Peeled Pecan Nuts 33%
Chile Thompson grapes 32.8%
Shelled almonds 26%
Blown spelled 8%
Vegetable oil of sunflower seeds 0.2%


Peeled Pecan Nuts From USA crops
Grapes Chile Thompson From crops of Chile
Shelled almonds From Italian crops
Blown spelled From crops of Germany

Nutritional values

(average value for 100 g of product)

Energy 2218 kj / 534 kcal
Fats 38
of which saturated fatty acids 3,5
Carbohydrates 33
of which sugar 27
Fibres 8
Proteins 11
Salt 0,02
Phosphorus mg. 302
Phosphorus VNR 43
Vitamin E mg. 7
Vitamin E VNR 58
Potassium mg. 671
Potassium VNR 34
Magnesium mg. 126
Magnesium VNR 34