Nutrimix Break

Nuts, almonds and sunflower seeds guarantee the body essential fatty acids, proteins, fibers and antioxidants: to these is added a natural note of sweetness given by dried grapes.


Shelled walnuts 25%
Shelled almonds 25%
Sunflower seeds 25%
Chile Thompson grapes 24.81%
Vegetable oil of sunflower seeds 0.19%


Shelled walnuts from US / Chile crops
Shelled almonds From Italian crops
Sunflower seeds From crops of Bulgaria / China
Grapes Chile Thompson From crops of Chile

Nutritional values

(average value for 100 g of product)

Energy 2303 kj / 556 kcal
Fats 43
of which saturated fatty acids 4
Carbohydrates 23
of which sugar 21
Fibres 8,3
Proteins 15
Salt 0,02
Phosphorus mg. 394
Phosphorus VNR 56
Vitamin E mg. 15
Vitamin E VNR 125
Iron mg. 2,2
Iron VNR 16