The Umberto Veronesi Foundation was founded in 2003 by initiative of Umberto Veronesi and many other world-known scientists and intellectuals, with 11 Nobel prize winners among them. It aims to promote top-notch scientific research and prevention projects, health education and disseminate scientific knowledge.

The Foundation:

  • supports scientific research by granting research scholarships
  • delivers prevention and education campaigns
  • organises international conferences

Partnership project together with LIFE:



It coordinates and promotes Slow Food projects, safeguarding food biodiversity across the entire world: Presìdi (Strongholds), Arca del Gusto (Ark of Taste), Orti in Africa (Gardens in Africa), Alleanza Slow Food dei Cuochi (Slow Food Chef Alliance) and Mercati della Terra (Markets of the Earth).



The campus is located in Pollenzo and is a brainchild of Carlo Petrini. Its aim is to create an international education and research centre in support of a new sustainable agriculture, the study and preservation of biological and cultural diversity and to develop an interdisciplinary approach to food, one which involves social and human sciences, biological and agrarian sciences, and nutrition technology and science.


The Academic Tables are in the dining hall of the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo, which combines education, haute cuisine, fair costs and local products. Some of the measures adopted include: dishes made with seasonal and local ingredients, ecologically sustainable cutlery and tableware, low-energy-consumption appliances and reservations made with a booking system that reduces food waste at its source.



The Family First (Famiglie al centro) concept originates from an analysis on the needs of the families with children and young adults with disabilities in the Cuneo area. These are faced with a complex situation which usually requires a “mosaic” of specific interventions. The project aims to activate a service network which can fully support a family by providing the disabled child or young adult with individual support mechanisms and foreseeing instruments and occasions to support parents and possible brothers and sisters. Its goals include: provide families with an empowering and long-lasting path, one with distinct but integrated education/empowering initiatives and become a reference point for them to tackle problems and find the necessary solutions to face disability; promote the visibility of stakeholders in the Cuneo area which, in several ways, deal with autism; test the creation of an Autism Centre which can become a place for stakeholders and initiatives to meet, share practices and elaborate plans.


Marco Bianchi is a passionate cook, a scientific reporter for the Umberto Veronesi Foundation and Ambassador for EXPO Milano 2015. He promotes nutritional protection factors and rules for a proper diet. Author of several books, for the Umberto Veronesi Foundation in 2013 he co-authored, together with Lucilla Titta, I cibi che aiutano a crescere (The food that helps us grow), published by Mondadori Electa. Together with the Umberto Veronesi Foundation he created the project Bimbi in cucina, mamme in classe (Kids in the Kitchen, Mothers in Class), bringing together with great joy children and adults in school, combining topics such as health and flavours. Together with LIFE and the Umberto Veronesi Foundation he wrote the book “Fuori dal Guscio” tra scienza e fornelli (“Out of the Shell” between science and the stove) with recipes by Mario Bianchi.