The company

LIFE is an acronym for Lavorazione Importazione Frutta Essiccata (Dried Fruit Processing Importing) since we produce and distribute nuts, dried fruit and dehydrated fruit starting back from 1940.

Our company was founded and is still located in Sommariva Perno, at the heart of the Roero region in the north-eastern area of the province of Cuneo, a productive agricultural farmland which is highly suited for the cultivation of fruit trees. What was the dream of a tenacious entrepreneur in the first half of the last century is today a solid and successful industrial business, owing to the passion of its managers: we are presently at the third and fourth generation of the family of founder (Cavalier Mario Tibaldi). Together, they work with drive, passion and dedication transmitted over 70 years of business. We are sound business, one that can look at the future with optimism. Parents and children work alongside each other, wholeheartedly accepting the generational handover, inspired by a modern vision of a business which preserves and keeps its origins, values and roots.

"TASTE TO LIFE" is our new claim and it comunicates the mission of our company: LIFE is an italian company specialized on dried and dehydrated fruit that selects for you the best products from particularly suitable soils in Italy and abroad.

Nuts and dried fruit is a winning choice in a diet, because they:

  • contain unsaturated fats (healthy for the heart)
  • they have a good amount of fibre, which helps the proper functioning of the intestinal tract
  • they contain many vitamins, particularly vitamin E.

So, a choice for well-being, one with great taste.


A world of biodiversity from the best farmland

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